Plastic Molding Services

Plastic Engineering

Our H&H Engineering and program/project management department offer Total Plastics Services, including part design, mold flow, FMEA, rapid prototyping, mold design, mold making, injection molding, and secondary operations.Our plastics experts will help you to Design for Manufacturability, and to select the best polymer and tooling combination to suit your application with price and performance as the goal. We understand that balancing multiple, interconnected projects within your program is the key to manufacturing quality components, reduction in time to market and that's why we have dedicated personnel to oversee every aspect of your project. Here at H&H we have the ability to take a product from concept to completion. Initial product designs can be developed from a thought, rough sketch, written descriptions, or detailed renderings.We are equipped with the latest digital technology supporting multi-axis machining, thereby enabling accelerated prototyping, and mold development. By remaining current with all plastics engineering technologies we are able to offer a total range of support to our customer's designs and applications.

Custom Mold Building

We bring a wealth of possibilities to your mold and machining needs, with capabilities ranging from Protype and Single Cavity Bench Molds to Class A/001 Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Production Molds.

All of our professionally built molds are assembled from the finest tool steels available. As we offer a selection of molds, the materials selected are dependent on the product lifetime volumes. This is true for Prototype, Conventional 3-Plate and Hot-Runner mold systems.

We utilize the latest technologies for automatic mechanized tooling, slides, lifters, floaters, cams, collapsible and expandable cores, and for mold coatings to aid in part release, providing tooling longevity. Our tooling expertise and creativity provides a wide variety of options to meet the customer's short or long term production needs.

Injection Molding

Our molding machines range from 55 tons with a 4 ounce barrel capacity up to our 440 ton with 41 ounce barrel capacity. We specialize in tight tolerance molding of engineered thermoplastics, over-molding and insert-molding technology. And In many cases, we can integrate all these processes into a single molded part to help our customers with reduction in assembly time, quantity of operations, and labor requirements.

Our molding machines range from 55 tons with a 3 ounce barrel capacity up to our 440 ton with 55 ounce barrel capacity. We also manage all secondary operation requirements that may be needed to complete your part. Examples of those operations that are available include ultrasonic welding, heat staking, vacuum metallization, EMI shielding, Part decorating (pad print, silk screen, sublimation, paint, emulsion, bath, etc.), Machining/milling, and many types of assembly.

Here at H&H we have 3 Soft wall Modular Clean rooms to provide an economical, versatile solution to clean manufacturing requirements in the medical device, Pharmaceuticals and many other industries.

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