Inspection Equipment

Scherr Tumico Optical Comparator w/ Quadra Check 2000 D.R.O.
Micro Vue Optical Comparator w/ Bausch and Lomb Accu Rite II R/O
Starrett dial bore gage .250 to 1.000 w/ring masters
Bausch and Lomb Micro Scope
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Aero/Space 24" height gage
Mitutoyo 12" dial height gage
Mitutoyo 81 piece gage block set
Vermont Pin gage from .010 to .750
Starrett Dial bore gage 1.000 to 6.000 dia.
Metro plate 18"x24" granite surface plate
Precision 24"x36" granite surface plate
Mojave 4'x5' granite surface plate
Starrett 1"x12" micrometers w/ standards
Mitutoyo 8" digital calipers
Mitutoyo thread micrometer 0" to 1", 1" to 2"
Starrett depth micrometer 0" to 6"
Starrett depth micrometer 6" to 12"
Interapid .0005 dial indicator
Interapid .0001 dial indicator
Mitutoyo 24" digital height gage w/ printer
Mitutoyo surface finish tester

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